Barn in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Our Hotel is Near National Parks & Wildlife

Our Jackson Hole hotel is walking distance to Grand Teton and driving distance to Yellowstone

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is the largest ecosystem in the northern temperate zone of the earth. Teton Lodge is within this ecosystem, allowing you easy access to a wide variety of wildlife. Here you'll get to see bison, elk, moose, bear, antelope, fox, wolves, big horn sheep and more, who also call this spectacular area home.

Grand Teton National Park

With its jagged vertical peaks exploding from the valley floor and dramatic deep canyons, Grand Teton National Park is a feast for the senses. The 40 mile long, nine mile wide Teton Range includes the famed Grand Teton, which towers 13,770 feet over the valley floor. With 50 miles of Snake River winding through the park and more than 100 alpine lakes and seven glacier lakes, the Park is home to lush ecosystems and rare wildlife. Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa offers lodging within walking distance of Grand Teton National Park. Enjoy this incredible protected land from beautifully maintained hiking trails and, in the winter, groomed track.

Getting there:
Estimated travel time: 5 minutes drive
Estimated distance from hotel: 1 mile
Telephone: 1 (307) 739-3300

Yellowstone National Park

2.2 million acres in size, Yellowstone National Park is a spectacular natural phenomenon, offering ample opportunities to spot rare species such as grizzly bear, elk, bald eagles, bison, moose and wolf, as well as dramatic flora and fauna. With 250 active geysers out of a total of 10,000 geothermal features, Yellowstone has more geysers than anywhere else on the globe, including the world-renowned Old Faithful. Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon is 1,200 feet deep and pierced by the dramatic Upper Falls. The park is open to the public from mid-April through November; and from mid-December through mid-March for over-snow vehicles.

Getting there
Estimated travel time: 1.5 hours drive
Estimated distance from hotel: 55 miles

National Elk Refuge

The 25,000 acre National Elk Refuge is home to the largest elk herd in the world, with a population of more than 14,000 – more than 7,500 of which spend the winter here thanks to a supplemental feeding program. Located on the meadows surrounding the Gros Ventre River, the National Elk Refuge offers horse-drawn sleigh rides among the elk are available mid-December through March.

Getting there
Estimated travel time: 25 minutes drive
Estimated distance from hotel: 15 miles