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Global Rituals

Warrior Poultice Thai Ritual
Customize your experience with a poultice therapy option integrated into a blend of modalities featuring massage, stretching, and Sen points.

Jasmine Lemongrass Herbal Poultice
Nurture your spirit with this revitalizing treatment. A hot poultice of medicinal herbs is used to relieve muscle tension and invigorate your mind.

Hydrating Coconut Poultice
A hot poultice with raw coconut is used to relieve the body’s aches & pains while deeply hydrating the skin.

Volcanic Earth Clay Ritual
Take part in this ancient rite performed to soften, purify and renew the skin; includes a detoxifying volcanic clay body mask, a pampering foot massage, an aromatic shower and traditional Balinese massage

Body Therapies

Hidden Falls Hydrating Body Scrub
Taking place in SpaTerre’s unique waterfall room, this treatment will provide you with the ultimate full body exfoliation featuring a scrub of your choice. The relaxing and hot waterfall rinse will prepare you for the richly hydrating house made body balm.

Red Rock Mud Detox Treatment
Extract the body’s toxins with a mud wrap therapeutically painted on the full body. A relaxing hot rinse in SpaTerre’s waterfall room will prepare you for a hydrating house made body balm.

Milk & Honey Body Ritual
Hydrate, nourish & tighten the skin with a moisturizing honey & milk masque gently massaged into the skin using warm stones. A scalp treatment concludes the ritual leaving the body soothed & replenished.

Healing Dilo Wrap
Exotic Dilo Nut Oil repairs over exposed skin and boosts hydration year round. High in vitamins A, B, C, and E, Dilo is incredibly healing when combined with aloe and essential oils for a full body wrap.

Alpine Glow Airbrush Tan
Emerge from your treatment with a long lasting summer glow. To create the ideal canvas for the natural, odorless airbrush tan, opt for a body scrub to prepare you for a beautiful bronze finish from head to toe.

Fingers & Toes

Classic Nail Services
This express style natural manicure or pedicure includes cuticle maintenance and shaping in addition to polish of your choice.

Noni Anti-Aging Nail Treatments
An anti-aging treatment begins with a coconut milk soak to hydrate the deepest layers of the skin. Raw cane sugar exfoliates to prepare the skin for the body butter masque rich in noni fruit to build collagen and promote elasticity & cell regeneration.

Chocolate Decadence Pedicure
Receive the ultimate nail service, beginning with a rich milk soak followed by an invigorating scrub. A decadently rich chocolate mask will be painted up to the knee to moisturize the skin. An intensely hydrating balm will follow the mask. This sweet treatment will end with a polish of your choice.

Gentleman’s Nail Services
Manicure overworked hands and/or feet with a relaxing soak, whiskey infused scrub, and hydrating balm.

Gel Polish Upgrade
Get longer lasting color by upgrading your service to Gel Polish! Additional time is required for this worthwhile enhancement.

Rescue Me Exfoliation Wrap
Get rid of unsightly callouses with a step-by-step service focusing on giving you glowing soles!

Eco-Fin Paraffin Alternative Service
Beat dry skin with an eco-friendly alternative to a paraffin wax service.

Polish Change Only
Skip the service and go straight to the color!

Nail Art
Looking for something unique or special? Our talented technicians can customize your nails for a one-of-a-kind look.

Massages Therapies

Abhyanga Massage
Abhyanga translates to mean “oil massage.” This therapeutic massage incorporates Ayurvedic techniques. Rhythmical and deeply relaxing warm oil massage helps to move the “prana” or life force which stimulates your body’s vital energy. Massage is followed by a fragrant shower to further cleanse and renew your spirit.

Eucalyptus River Stone Massage
Find grounding with hot river stones to heat the belly of the muscle priming it for massage while enjoying the benefits of eucalyptus.

Balinese Massage
Be transformed by our signature massage ritual, based on the traditions of Bali. A combination of acupressure, rolling motions and rhythmic strokes relieves tension and promotes total relaxation.

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage
Facilitate muscle recovery with this moderate to deep tissue massage designed to relieve soreness resulting from exertion or exercise. Gain an improved range of motion and increased flexibility.

Relaxing Swedish Massage
Relax & rejuvenate with a full body massage to lift tension and balance the body & mind. Pressure can range from light to medium.

Noble Massage
Our personalized and unique massage experience, where you orchestrate the massage exactly how you want it. Your therapist combines Swedish, Sports/Deep Tissue and foot techniques focusing on the specific areas of tension in your body as you direct.

Warm Oil Scalp Treatment
Restore luster while warm oil is drizzled over your scalp. Euphoric scents of rose, jasmine and ylang ylang will warm the mind and promote tension relief.

Peppermint Foot Therapy
A treatment focusing on pressure sensors in the feet and calves to release energy flow and tension featuring an invigorating peppermint scrub and hydrating cream.

Momma-to-be Massage
Available after the first trimester for expected mothers. Let our experienced massage therapists lift away pressures placed on your body. Organic massage oil will give you peace of mind to enjoy your service.

Suite Moments Couples Ritual
Enjoy a romantic treatment designed for two. The side-by-side service begins with a scrub to create silky smooth skin followed by a full body massage. The treatment concludes with a private aphrodisiac infused soak.

Facial Care

SpaTerre Signature Facial
This high-performance, results oriented treatment is meticulously customized to your skin’s needs be it quenching your skin’s thirst, clearing unflattering breakouts, or repairing sun damage and fine lines. Includes a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage.

Transformation Facial
This resurfacing facial targets every skin type. Powerful antioxidants fight free radical damage and protect cells from future damage. A customized facial mask will hydrate, deep cleanse, and repair your individual skin type.

Advanced Age-Defying Deluxe Facial
The ultimate anti-aging facial with SFG-4 technology using natural skin growth factor proteins to restore depleted, damaged cells to a more youthful condition. Includes eye, lip, neck, décolleté, and back treatments with hand, arm, foot and scalp massage.

Restorative Hydration Facial
Find relief from the dry climate with a treatment focused on hydration. The service protects the skin barrier by providing a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to repair and renew damaged cells. The intense absorption softens cells to smooth and plump out fine lines & wrinkles.

Pure Results Facial
Experience dramatic results with this skin conditioning treatment designed to correct inflammation, the primary cause of premature aging. The session begins with an exfoliation to remove dead surface cells and is followed by a layering of vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory botanicals to leave the skin protected and revitalized.

Resurfacing Back Treatment
The perfect treatment for an often overlooked part of the body. This treatment begins with steam to open pores followed by a deep cleansing. Clogged pores are removed followed by a massage complimented by a mask application.

Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion
A pain-free, non-invasive alternative to traditional microdermabrasion, the ultrasonic technology instantly removes dead skin, improves cellular turnover, and evens tone.


Hydrating Quench Balm
Our house-made quench balm is concocted with the dry climate in mind. Find relief from dehydrated skin with a blend of coconut oil & shea butter.

Arnica Sore-Muscle Salve
Locally harvested arnica salve will be incorporated into your treatment to relieve tension and revive sore muscles. Highly recommended with Sports/Deep Tissue Massage.

Essential Oil Therapy
Used for centuries to improve overall health and relieve tension, our essential oil blends can personalize any massage to improve a personal ailment.

Soak in Solitude
Sink into a lavish tub filled with rose petals, milk bath and oils. Relax and unwind prior to or after any service.

The detox bath is designed to eliminate toxins and rejuvenate the body.

Aphrodisiac Milk Soak
Infused with ingredients known as aphrodisiacs and hydrating milk.

Lip / Chin / Brow / Bikini / Brazilian / Chest / Underarm / Forearms / Half Leg / Full Leg / Back

Pamper Me Too!

Teen Facial
This results driven treatment kills bacteria while removing dead cell layers and targeting repair of breakouts. Experience soft exfoliation and feel free of congested skin for an even and clear complexion.

Side-by-Side Massage
Enjoy side-by-side massages with your child in our couples massage room.

My First Massage
A massage that introduces the importance of balance and relaxation with mild to medium pressure.

Young Athlete Massage
A firmer pressure massage designed to relieve tension in the body for the sports active child.

Little Fingers & Toes
10 and under can enjoy a nail treatment with a fun selection of trendy nail colors.

Facial Enhancements

Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion
Add our revolutionary micro service onto any facial to enhance the effectiveness of product.

Extreme Infusion
Solve dry skin by infusing product 4000 times deeper than hand application.

Under Eye Refresher
Deeply hydrate the delicate eye area while targeting all concerns. Reduce dark circles & puffiness while tightening and firming delicate skin tissue. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened for an instant refresher!

Collagen Lip Plumper
Exfoliate, smooth and plump the lips while softening and smoothing fine lines.

Hydra Facial

HydraFacial – A Revolutionary Skincare Treatment
The HydraFacial is a revolutionary, non-surgical procedure instantly delivering smooth, hydrated skin through a process known as "hydradermabrasion." The resurfacing treatment thoroughly cares for your skin, providing cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and hydration all while Vortex-Fusing antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.

HydraFacial – Series
The results are so amazing you will be excited to know we offer the treatment in a series! The series offers 6 50 minute skin-changing services for the price of 5!

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