Body Therapies

Body Therapies & Massages

Indulge in relaxing and luxurious pampering in a tranquil setting at SpaTerre.


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Open Daily 10:00am – 7:00pm

Massage Standards

Herbal Poultice Massage

1 hour 30 minutes – from $310 | 2 hours – from $395

Nurture your spirit with this revitalizing treatment. A hot poultice of locally-sourced medicinal herbs is used to relieve muscle tension, body aches, and pains, invigorate your mind and hydrate the skin. 

Abhyanga Massage

1 hour – from $210 | 1 hour 30 minutes – from $305

A flowing and rhythmic massage working on physical and subtle body to bring balance and harmony. Shirodara is included in the longer massage.

The Noble Massage

1 hour – from $210  |  1 hour 30 minutes – from $305  |  2 hour – from $395

Our standard massage: a combination of Swedish, Sports/Deep Tissue, and foot techniques, focusing on the specific areas of tension in your body.

CBD Restore Massage

50 minutes – from $210 |  1 hour 20 minutes – from $305  |  1 hour 50 minutes – from $395

An age-defying and warming full body massage of any pressure needed, using 180mg CBD for muscle aches and pains.

Prenatal Massage

50 minutes – from $180  |  1 hour 20 minutes – from $275

A relaxing full body massage to relieve tensions, using specific massage techniques. Available after the first trimester.

Signature Services

The Teton Wellness Therapy

2 hours 20 minutes – from $485
A revitalizing full body treatment and massage to nourish the body and mind for overall wellness featuring a 409mg full-spectrum, organic, and non-intoxicating CBD collection.

Whole-Body Wellness Escape

2 hours – from $430
Deeply detoxifying treatment to accelerate cell turnover. A warm body wrap of volcanic clay and organic plant oils eliminates toxins and improves skin texture. (Includes soaking and a full body massage)

Signature Jade Stone Massage

1 hour 30 minutes – from $310
The ultimate whole-body experience featuring three types of jade to boost your immune system and increase energy levels.

Salt Stone Experience

1 hour 30 minutes – from $310 | 2 hours – from $380
Highly relaxing full body massage using a combination of heated Salt Stones Bed and hand-carved stones from the Himalayan Mountains balances the central nervous system and nourishes depleted cells. This treatment will help improve sleep, reduce inflammation and give an immediate sense of improved well-being. Thirty minutes of Infrared Sauna and HALO Therapy is included in the 2 hours service.

Body Treatments

Jet Lag Detox

1 hour 20 minutes – from $275
Your journey begins with a dry body brush to stimulate the senses and awaken the mind, followed by an energy-boosting full body massage to reduce fatigue and enhance jet lag recovery.

Smooth & Glow from Head to Toe

50 minutes – from $180
A refining dual-action body polish featuring crushed olive seeds with natural salicylic acid to eliminate dead skin cells.

Anti-Aging CBD Wrap

1 hour – from $210
An age-defying full body treatment to nourish the body and mind and for impeccably glowing skin.

Four Elements Massages

Fire Purity

50 minutes – from $180 | 1 hour 20 minutes – from $275
Restorative treatment includes a soothing full-body massage and features a rejuvenating Ayurvedic Kansa wand facial massage. Customized pressure.

Air Tranquility

50 minutes – from $180 |1 hour 20 minutes – from $275
Restorative treatment that includes a full body massage with Abhyanga moves using a grounding and calming massage oil. Light pressure.

Space Balance

50 minutes – from $180 | 1 hour 20 minutes – from $275
Supports wellbeing by balancing the body’s energy centers with an Ayurvedic Kansa massage wand, full body massage, the placement of chakra stones, and the use of aromatherapy. Medium pressure.

Water Hydration

1 hour 30 minutes – from $310 | 2 hour – from $395
Relaxing journey featuring a wave-like rocking technique and flowing full body massage. Includes a muscle relief bathing ritual. Specialty massage.


CBD: Body, Scalp, or Face

No Additional Time – from $30
Revitalizing, heals body aches, increases blood circulation, sagging, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and dehydrated skin.

Age-Defying Quench or Balm

No Additional Time – from $30
Firming and lifting age-defying treatments with clinically proven organic Paracress.

Stress Buster

No Additional Time – from $30
Relax and rejuvenate with our new stress buster essence that calms the nervous system, quiet the mind, and brings happiness.


No Additional Time – from $30
Find relief from over-used muscles with locally harvested arnica.